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About MAPS for Recovery in Austin, TX

Our addiction treatment clinic is committed to assisting clients in overcoming addiction and achieving long-term recovery. We acknowledge that addiction is a complicated and difficult problem, and we are committed to offering complete support to those who are dealing with it. Our main goal is to assist people overcome their addictions and lead pleasant, healthy lives. Our team of skilled specialists is committed to providing individualized care that takes into account each person’s specific needs. For more information, contact us or book an appointment online. We serve patients from Austin, TX and surrounding areas.

About MAPS for Recovery Near Me in Austin, TX
About MAPS for Recovery Near Me in Austin, TX

MAPS for recovery was founded after the passing of Dr. David Jones, who was the man behind the POPPS opiate addiction clinic.

Lynn E. Lytton, MD is the driving force behind MAPS. She started her medical career working with lower income patients in nursing homes, feeling that her training and degree was best used in service to the people who needed quality medical care the most. She was introduced to addiction medicine by Dr. Jones, and felt an immediate connection with the patient population. As a long term sufferer of depression, Lynn E. Lytton, MD understood deeply what is it like to live with a disease that makes your brain lie to you. After seeing patients gain an upward trajectory, by being able to reclaim their lives, gain employment, and save their families, Lynn E. Lytton, MD transitioned away from geriatric care in 2001 to work full time in addiction medicine.

She is devoted to helping turn back the tide of the opiate crisis and helping people get their lives back, one person at a time.

We currently are not accepting insurance with our affordable options available.